2015 Mechanical Engineering Winners

1st Prize – Team 9: Portable A1 System

Sponsored by- Coviden

Sponsor Advisors – Mr. Paul Rinaldi

Team: Cameron Dickson, Yanis Iddir, Jason Walker

Faculty Advisor – Dr. David Pierce

Covidien is a global provider of medical devices. They have one of the world’slargest surgical stapling platforms specializing in laparoscopic surgery. Covidien has tasked us with the creation of developing a testing device that will look for the correct firing force output of their powered stapling devices called the iDrive and the Endo GIA adapter that connect to each other. The way the stapling device functions, the iDrive acts similar to a handheld drill and has a motor with creates a rotational motion. This rotational motion is transferred into the adapter which transforms it into a linear motion and is used to fire the actual stapling device called a SULU. The current method for testing the adapter is called the A1, it is very large, bulky machine that cannot be moved. We were to build a portable handheld version of this machine that will connect to the end of the iDrive and adapter assembly. The goal for our project was to make a portable, inexpensive, safe and small testing device, which could be easily operated by a Covidien engineer. This portable A1 will be used for engineering testing as well as testing units that failed in the field during actual surgeries. The team’s solution to this problem was to develop multiple designs, fabricate two different devices that were tested, analyzed and compared against each other to determine which design was the best.