2017 Materials Science and Engineering Winners

1st Place

Medtronic (“Characterization of Tensile Mechanical Properties of Biodegradable Polymers”)

Students: Jarred Correia, Alexis Jensen, Jessica LeClerc, Michael Murelli, Zachary Kerschner

Industry advisors: Darlene Nebinger, Dr. Gerald Hodgkinson, Michael Morsches, Jack Kennedy,

Faculty advisor: Rainer Hebert

2nd Place

Pratt and Whitney (“Accelerated Aging and Failure Analysis of Polymer-based Adhesive”)

Students: Dion Buterbaugh, Chris Didero-Gonzalez, Aaron Gladstein, Jay Latimer

Industry advisors: John Harner

Faculty advisor: Serge Nakhmanson

3rd Place

NASA (“In Space Manufacturing and Reclamation”)

Students: Asa Army, Alexander Kadov, Spencer Palmer, Jonathan Rasimas, Beau Tetreault (with ME and EE students Tyler Young (EE) and Stephen Hawes (ME))

Program manager: Tracy Gill, Dr. Tracie Prater

Faculty advisor: Adam Wentworth, Rainer Hebert