2018 Biomedical Engineering Winners

First Place
Team 20, “Cerebral Palsy Hand Rehabilitation Device”

Members: Morgan DaSilva, Brittany Morgan, Katie Bradley, Brianna Perry (Dr. Krystyna Gielo-Perczak)

 Second Place
Team 11, “Incubation Unit for Neural Cell Electro-Mechanical Stimulation and Growth”

Members: Norah Cowley, Bianca Wyman, Alexander Almeida, Jenna Taormina (Dr. Kazunori Hoshino)

Third Place

Team 6, “Applications of Machine Learning to Analysis of Neurological Data”

Members: Keeyan Ghoreshi, Eric Van Der Karr (Dr. Bin Feng)

Honorable Mention

Team 23, “Wearable technology to noninvasively measure cognitive and physiological fatigue”

Members: Alyssa Tacchi, Shasha Graves, and Charmi Patel (Dr. Insoo Kim)

Honorable Mention

Team 19, “Blood Alcohol Content Monitoring Device and Companion Application”

Members: Ryan Cunniff, Amisha Dave, Sarah Knapp, Divya Bana, and Matthew LeClair (Dr. Dr. Krystyna Gielo-Perczak)

Honorable Mention

Team 8, “An Inexpensive Device to Alleviate Back Pain Due to Poor Posture”

Members: Pedro Ramirez, Alemayehu Asres, Magdalena Wegrzyniak, Cristina Rascoll (Dr. Patrick Kumavor)