2018 Computer Science and Engineering Winners

First Place
Team 7, “Inferencing Based on Machine Stoppages”

Members: Peter Polis, Michael Feldman, Daniel Camilliere, Michael Pappas, Patrick Guyer and Michael Presch (Dr. Swapna Gokhale)


Second Place
Team 18, A Visual Euclid’s Elements

Members: Soumya Kundu, Sailesh Simhadri, Ian Dechene, Drew Monroe and Joe Sweeney (Dr. Donald Sheehy)


Third Place
Team 31, Hartford Steam Boiler Nameplate Recognition System

Members: Qiansheng Hu, Chris Peterson, Chengchen Zhang, Eddie Huang, Hunter Hollant and Michael Gentile (Dr. Dong-Guk Shin)


Team 16, “Smart Hotels”

Members: Arun George, Brian Matuszak, Rafal Bezubik, Chris Skoczylas, Kevin Schumitz and Rich Infante (Dr. Reda Ammar and Dr. Sanguthevar Rajasekaran)