2018 Mechanical Engineering Winners

First Place
Team 55, “Design, Development, and Fabrication of a Right-Sized Compact Press Rolling Machine”

Members: Brandon Steeves, Mateusz Sroka, Lucas Marcouiller (Dr. Horea Ilies)


Second Place
Team 35, “Thermal Gradient Rig Sample Holder Redesign”

Members: Edward Ostrowski, Kinga Wrobel (Dr. Ryan Cooper)


Team 52, “Racing Shell Stiffness Measurement Method and Apparatus”

Members: Tegh Terrell, Dillon Johnson, Anthony Pizzola (Dr. Tom Mealy)


Third Place
Team 18B, “Disabled Submarine Compartment Decompression”

Members: Spencer Cohen, Michael Ferrara, Marc Cacioppo (Dr. David Giblin)


Professors Award
Team 34, “Rotating Disk Heat Transfer Coefficients”

Members: Maria Rozman, Samuel Manzolillo, Hubert Bis (Dr. Xinyu Zhao)