2019 Biomedical Engineering Winners

First Place – Mechanical Assay for the Evaluation of Breast Cancer Pharmaceuticals

Team 6

Team Members: Krishna Dixit, Zoe Moscato, Quinn Shields

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kazunori Hoshino

Sponsor: Hoshino Lab

Second Place – Intravascular Hemorrhage Control Device for Trauma to the lliac Arteries

Team 4

Team Members: Kyle Bystrianyk, Samuel Ganem, Bennett Propp, Robert Silverman, Paige Woods

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ki Chon

Sponsor: Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory, Lt. Dr. Beardslee

Third Place – DST Series EEA Stapler Staple Line Wound Protector

Team 27

Team Members: Jeffrey Baroody, Kenneth Berkery, Eric D’Souza

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bin Feng

Sponsor: Medtronic

Honorable Mention

Multifactorial Clavicle Plate Design and Strength Analysis

Team 26

Team Members: Sayan Basu, Danielle Caefer, Devin Finnerty

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Krystyna Gielo-Perczak

Sponsor: Biomedical Engineering