2019 Computer Science and Engineering Winners

First Place – Secure Embedded Architecture for the 1042 Processer
Team 26
Team Members: Brandon Renick, Cameron Morris, Killian Greene, Jacob Boislard
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bing Wang
Sponsor: Pratt & Whitney

Second Place – Predictive Maintenance through Digitalization of Manufacturing Indictors
Team 37
Team Members: Nathan Hom, Mike Marandino, Kyle Berry, and Jon Simonin
Faculty Advisors: Drs. Song Han, Mousumi Roy
Sponsor: Radio Frequency System

Third Place – Synchrony Financial Voice Experience
Team 3
Team Members: Mariem Ouni, Richie Viscardi, Fitch Spencer, and Zachary Galica
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Yufeng Wu
Sponsor: Synchrony Financial