2019 Electrical and Computer Engineering Winners

First Place – Electromagnetic Expulsion of a Cylindrical Body from an Outer Tube
Team: 1915
Team Members: Christian Corwel, Stevan Webb, George Zoghbi
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Abhishek Dutta
Sponsor: Naval Undersea Warefare Center

Second Place – Autonomous Firefighting Helicopter
Team 1901
Team Members: Ryan Heilemann, Kerry Jobes, Joshua Steil
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Ashwin Dani
Sponsor: Sikorsky

Third Place – Implantable Glucose Sensor Communication System
Team 1914
Team Members: Luke Boylan, Jack Davidson, Abhi Patni
Faculty Advisor: Prof. John Chandy
Sponsor: Biorasis

Honorable Mention – Real-time and Secure Wireless Systems based on Software Defined Radio
Team 1910
Team Members: Nicholas Cacace, Md Islam, Anam Qureshi
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Shengli Zhou
Sponsor: UTRC

Honorable Mention – Analysis of Constrained Pockets in the Transmission System
Team 1918
Team Members: Benjamin Albano, Noah Golzalez, Tara Stokes
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Peng Zhang
Sponsor: ISO New England