2019 Material Science and Engineering Winners

First Place – Design of a Machine Learning Algorithm to Design/Discover Layered Materials for Battery Applications
Team 13
Team Member: Hetal Patel
Faculty Advisor: Avinash Dongare
Sponsor: Eagle Picher

Second Place – Post-Porcessing Heat Treatments of Additively Manufactures Aluminum Alloy, AlSi10Mg
Team 9
Team Members: Beril Tonyali, Avery Gray, Lara Huapaya Royas
Faculty Advisor: Seok-Woo Lee
Sponsor: Sikorsky

Third Place – Compression Molding of Carbon Block Filters
Team Members: Iwona Wrobel, Jordan Gomes, Linghao Li
Faculty Advisor: Stegan Schaffoener
Sponsor: KX Technology

Third Place – Sheet Metal Propertoes and their Effects on Deep Drawing
Team 4
Team Members: Grace Quinlan, Steven Kha, Joao Carlos Barbosa
Faculty Advisor: Lesley Frame
Sponsor: Ulbrich Stainless Steel and Speciality Metals