2019 Mechanical Engineering Winners

First Place – Design of a Proportional Flow Valve

Team ME19

Team Members: Luke Nichols, Ben Swartzell, Vincent Zhang

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Chengyu Cao

Sponsor: Gems Sensors and Controls

Second Place – Automated Positioning System to Take High Precision Measurements on a Radio Frequency Filter

Team ME46

Team Members: Bobby Bickley, Jonathon Jacobs, Matthew Kramer

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Bryan Weber

Sponsor: Radio Frequency Systems

Third Place – Design, Development and Fabrication of a Right Sized Flat Pattern Laser Cutter

Team ME60

Team Members: Eli Gates, Leah Morasutti, Michelle Reinert, Zeke Pare

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Vito Moreno

Sponsor: Whitcraft

Third Place – Alternative Cable Fatique Testing Machine

Team ME62

Team Members: Ted Blake, Steve LoPresti, Guillermo Mercado

Faculty Advisor: Prof. David M. Pierce

Sponsor: Winchester Interconnect

Professors Award (tie) – Analysis and Optimization of a High-Speed Catamaran Airboat

Team ME03

Team Members: Connor McNaboe, Andrew Yin

Faculty Advisor: Georgios Matheou

Sponsor: Mr. Charles Gray

Professors Award (tie) – Surface Finish Impact on Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop for Additively Manufactured Fins

Team ME57

Team Members: Katrina Awad, Vincent Chen, Justin Longton

Prof. Chih-Jen Sung

Collins Aerospace