Benefits to Students

The Senior Design program fosters and rewards student development of highly marketable skills:

  • Application of Learned Engineering Skills: Senior Design Projects allow students to sharpen learned engineering skills in a real-world environment. These include: problem analysis, design analysis, experimentation, use of leading CAD and analysis software, innovation, communication skills, and teamwork, often within an interdisciplinary team.

  • Improved Marketability: By having real-world engineer responsibilities for two semesters, students improve their marketability in the job marketplace.

  • Work with a Potential Employer: Throughout the two-semester experience, students are exposed to products, engineering practices and sponsor’s culture, allowing them to assess the sponsor as a prospective employer.

  • Strong Communication Skills: Students present their ideas in writing and in presentations, use graphical and multimedia tools in the design process and create a design notebook.

  • Active Problem Analysis: brainstorming, problem solving and bench marking.

  • Design Analysis: Students design processes, standards and experimentation, and use of leading CAD and analysis software.

  • Innovation: Students gain exposure to patent, intellectual property and copyright law essentials.

  • Teamwork: Most senior design projects are teamwork oriented, and some involve an interdisciplinary component. This experience of collaborative problem solving, respectful interaction and coordination to achieve a shared goal allows engineers-to-be to develop important teamwork skills that are valued by employers.