Benefits to the Sponsor

  • Value: For a modest fee, a small team of “almost engineers” will work for you, report to you and be supervised by both you and our faculty. As they have real responsibilities working on technical and design challenges for you, it costs a fraction what you would pay full-time employees for the same type of project.
  • Tackle a Challenge or Explore a New Idea: Sponsoring a Senior Design project is a cost-effective way for sponsors to tackle a technical challenge or explore new designs or novel ideas without the large investment typically associated with new product development. Our sought-after students and faculty will assist you to research and analyze the problem, conceptualize alternate solutions, design and refine a device or method, construct a working prototype, etc.
  • Strategic Recruiting – Avoid “Skills Gap” and “Gray Tsunami” Challenges: The Senior Design project can provide a pipeline of talent to fill growing numbers of high-tech vacancies. Many sponsors are expecting a large percentage of their most experienced employees to retire soon.
  • Senior Design Students are Potential Employees: Sponsors have the opportunity to collaborate with, cultivate and evaluate undergraduate students as prospective employees. Senior Design Projects provide nine months to observe students’ performance and how they fit your organization’s culture. Senior Design Projects can help you make successful hiring decisions. As a Senior Design sponsor, you can build a relationship with a student – before other employers. Once they start looking for a job, they can work for any employer anywhere.
  • Access to UConn’s Unique Resources: Senior Design Projects also give you access to UConn faculty, who have expertise and state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment.
  • Visibility: As student teams and faculty gain exposure to your organization’s resources, products/processes and culture, they will share their impressions with peers and spread awareness of your organization.