testimonial-2 Kelsey Boch (’13), University of Virginia Medical School“Participation in a senior design project is an invaluable experience in preparation for a successful professional career. As a chemical engineering student, I participated in the National Student Design Competition sponsored by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE).  This project bridged the gap between classroom instruction and industry, forcing my group and me to apply the knowledge learned in core courses to a worldwide problem in just 35 days. The satisfaction of applying the wealth of knowledge gained in the classroom to the problem of producing cost-effective renewable energy sources made the hard work and long study sessions during the first three years as an engineering student worth the effort.  Now, as a medical student, the collaborative problem solving capabilities gained through the completion of my senior design project will be extremely beneficial toward my success.”
Melissa Jacques m312411 Melissa C. Jacques (’10), Project Engineer, Pratt & Whitney“Senior Design is one of my fondest memories at UConn. Since I was a dual engineering major (Mechanical & Materials Engineering), my senior design team and I were tasked with a dual major project. It was our opportunity to implement the technical knowledge we acquired from 4+ years of engineering classes and labs to solve a real industry problem. Through the completion of our Senior Design Project, we were exposed to many different aspects associated with working on a real world project including, but not limited to, interacting with a real customer (industry advisors and professor advisors), attending and hosting weekly meetings, receiving feedback from customers, delegating tasks, teamwork, funding issues, staying within the budget, obtaining budget approval, meeting delivery timelines, creating and giving presentation/proposals, working long hours, collecting and analyzing data from experiments, writing reports, and providing the final product in the end.

This is exactly what I do today in real industry, and I believe the senior design experience contributed in a large part to my preparedness for my current job. After all the hard work, my team placed in the Senior Design Competition for the Materials Science Engineering Department, and I was offered a job at United Technologies Corp. as a result. So, I would tell current engineering students to fully embrace it, enjoy every minute of it, and take away as much as you possibly can from your Senior Design experience!!”

testimonial-3 Michael Yanofsky (’12), Design Engineer, GE Industrial Solutions“I learned a lot and am currently pursuing my MS in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Computer Aided Engineering, as a result of my senior design project. The skills I learned are valuable in that I am piloting new analysis-driven design methods at my job which will save the company time and money in building fewer samples and processing more design ideas rapidly.”
testimonial-4 Max Madore (‘13), Test Engineer, Phonon Corp“The UConn senior design program provided me with invaluable hands on experience and employer contacts that were directly responsible for my immediate employment post-graduation.”